Responsible Spending

Our commitment to responsible spending

We set out to build PollenPay as a tool to help people make the most of their money and manage their spending responsibly. We always want our customers to have the flexibility to spend, but within sensible limits and to always remain in control of their finances.

Spend responsibly.

You should only ever spend what they can afford to pay back. To make sure of this, we take time to get to know our customers before enabling them to spend more. We set sensible initial spending limits that increase gradually over time.


When you use PollenPay, there is never any interest and no extra charges as long as they pay back on time. We are honest and transparent. We make money by charging merchants, not you. 

Avoid paying late.

If you miss a payment, but we’ll first do everything we can to help you avoid this, including sending reminders leading up to the payment due date and an alert after a payment has failed.

We know that sometimes a situation might come up which might cause a payment to be missed.  If you think this is going to happen, please get in touch with us at [email protected] before your payment due date and we’ll see if it’s possible to work something out. 

If you feel like your payment problems go beyond a one-off missed payment and would like to talk to someone regarding a money problem, you can get free, confidential financial advice from Step Change.