Remuneration Policy

  1. Introduction
    1. PollenPay uses a transparent approach to setting and reviewing employee remuneration based upon independent market based information to support attracting and retaining the best people.
  2. Background
    1. The way PollenPay chooses to pay employees communicates its values which contributes to the culture, the type of people it attracts and the results they deliver. It is therefore important that a remuneration policy be developed with the organisation’s objectives in mind and that people are paid appropriately for the work that they perform.
  3. Guiding principles
    1. The remuneration policy is based on the following principles:
      1. employee remuneration is based upon the duties and responsibilities he/she is expected to perform
      2. those duties and responsibilities are assessed using an externally sourced method to establish an independently verifiable position grading
      3. the position grading will provide a guide to the remuneration for the applicable position
      4. remuneration will be competitive with the external market in which PollenPay operates and be cost effective
      5. employees are remunerated in a fair and equitable way
      6. application of this policy supports the performance planning and review process of nurturing employee commitment to the organisation
  4. Guidelines
    1. Job classification: Job evaluation is an objective, transparent way of classifying a position but not the value or performance of the position holder. It is accepted best practice for employers to use a formal system for measuring or evaluating positions and to assign a grade. The system used at PollenPay is provided by an external advisor which includes making assessments of comparative levels of responsibility of positions and their contributions to the organisation.
    2. Application of remuneration ranges: PollenPay bases its remuneration on the 25th percentile of general market positioning determined by the external advisor as appropriate for the sector. Salary decisions on appointment will be made by the Chief Executive and will fall within the minimum and maximum of the remuneration range. Decisions on remuneration for a position will be made using the points awarded through the job classification process conducted by the Human Resources team.